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Who we are

Specialists in water treatment

Our history

PIASA is a Spanish Company founded in 1987, dedicated to 4 types of activities:

  • Engineering, Projects and Construction of Water Treatment Plants for Populations and Industries
  • Studies and Installations of Alternative Energies (Solar, Wind and Mini-hydraulics)
  • Treatment and Treatment of Rubbish, Solid and Liquid Waste
  • Environment and Sanitary Ecology

All the technology used is developed by PIASA.

Todas as Estações ou Sistemas de Tratamento são realizadas sob o conceito "Chave na Mão" e são feitas confrome as necessidades do cliente ou da sua atividade.


ISO 9001:2000
N.º EC-0941/02

ISO 14001:2004
N.º MA-0528/06

Constructions Types

  • Installations of stations or systems are mounted on metal containers and platforms and easily transportable (lorry and maritime transport)
  • Prefabricated and ready-to-fit tanks in the final location behind bolted systems. Only reinforced concrete foundations will be required according to the submitted project, so that it is built at the site of the installation
  • Reinforced concrete

Working procedures

  1. Planning and Scheduling
  2. Study and Analysis of information
  3. Orçamento ou Projeto
  4. Construction of Machinery and Location of Existing Equipment in the Market
  5. Manufacture or Installation at Our Factory or Job Placement
  6. Customer Technical Training
  7. Operation and Maintenance, on demand

Talk with us

:: SPAIN ::

C/ INDUSTRIA, 52 - 08460

TLM: +34 93 848 23 15
FAX: +34 93 848 25 48

E-MAIL: piasa@telefonica.net
SKYPE: piasaeng 

If you wish to be contacted by PIASA to set up a meeting. or want more information about any of the services provided by our company, please fill out the form below: