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  • The MBR System allows to reduce the required surface area ¼ of a conventional Treatment Station.
  • To remove the secondary clarifier.
  • Stations or Systems are modular, compact and transportable.
  • Operating cost, including chemicals and amortization of membranes, is 20% compared to a conventional system.
  • Maintenance easier because there are mechanical elements.
  • Excellent quality of treated water and can be best reused in a tertiary.     
  • Possibility of reuse of treated water.      
  • Possibility to expand existing installations without additional civil works.      
  • Suitable for places where there is a lot of population variability.



  • The MBR System replaces the sedimentation, filtration and disinfection process and suspended solids by removing them with an ultrafiltration membrane.
  • The only chemicals used are in the process of preserving and cleaning the membrane and it is disassembled sodium hypochlorite 20 times to form a commercial solution of 15%.
  • Ultrafiltration Membranes allow you to work with a solids level between 10 and 15 grams per liter.
  • The MBR system produces an effluent quality constant, regardless of input flow, working with batch levels.
  • It provides effective treatment for high valve according to the California Title 22 regulations, the valve are:

DBO 5 <10 mg/l
SS <5 mg/l

  • It is a Biological System with stages of total oxidation of nitrification and denitrification.
  • Comparing with the conventional Biological System comprising pre-treatment, sedimentation, filtration and sterilization biological treatments, in this system we use only a pre-treatment and a biological reactor with membranes.
  • Permits solid-liquid separation through ultrafiltration membranes of 0.05 microns.
  • Oxygen consumption and aeration systems are the same compared to conventional systems.
  • Membranes retain all types of bacteria, fungal viruses, parasites and even to clarify water up to 99.99%.
  • Do not produce volume problems in the absence of sedimentation.
  • The age of the sludge is far from being a conventional system, allowing good quality treated water to be reused.
  • Membrane cleaning is automatic, using thick, injected bubble air, membrane button or membrane cleaning chemicals.
  • Minimum working pressure is required when suctioning.

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